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Easy to apply Boat Names Kit - Mariner's Dream Testimonial

I have finally attached all the Boat Names Australia transfers to my yacht and they look fantastic. I have had many positive comments from friends and people I don't even know at Mooloolaba Marina. Even the local yacht broker at the marina said how good the name looked and I passed on Boat Names Australia contact details to him.
Overall I am really happy with how the new looks, the ease of application and service from Boat Names Australia. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about applying the transfers, scared I would make a mistake, but after starting with the rego numbers and how easy they went on I completed all the transfers with out incident. I feel the new name colour and style works really well with the yachts scheme and am glad I kept it simple.
Regards from a very satisfied customer
- Rowan


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De Havilland Replica Decal for Boat Renovation

We recently received a request from Mario and Gina to create replica decals for their inherited de Havilland boat and help restore it to it's former glory.  Aided by pictures provided by Mario and some helpful written details about the old decals, we brought new life to the faded branding.

The replica decal is made up of white and coloured ink on chrome vinyl with a clear laminate, making it very durable. If you're renovating a boat and need to replace your old boat brand decals, contact us today for a quick free quote.

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DIY Boat Name Kit for Clinker Hulls - L'atra Donna

It's incredibly easy to install our DIY Boat Names Kits yourself. Even if your boat has a trickier shape. Applying graphics to a clinker hull may seem intimidating at first, but with a few tips and tricks, anyone can do it.

A little while ago, our customer Annie send us this photo of L'atra Donna with a little testimonial:



"Hello Chris and Team

Dennis was thrilled with his present, and we put the transfers successfully onto the boat yesterday and went out on it today, so was able to take a picture which I have attached.
It looks like a new boat :-)
Thank you so much for your help in making this gift special.
Best Regards

Thanks for the photo Annie. The boat look great!

Do you have a Clinker Hull Boat and always wondered how to get graphics on there correctly? Have a look at our detailed step-by-step instruction video:

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DIY Boat Name Kit - Comfortably Numb

Have a look at this great example of how you incorporate our StickyFish graphics into your Boat Name to give it that extra little something. These graphics are gracing the hull of Ken's boat in the States and we think they look pretty darn good.


"Thanks Chris, I can get these done stateside but I like your work , customer service, and attitude."

Thank you for the kind words and photo Ken!

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Stinga Replacement Decals

Do you have any graphics on your boat that desperately need a replacement decal? We can help you out! Recently, we were contacted by Mike who was looking to replace the Stinga decals on his boat. Since most of the graphic still remained on the boat, we could easily recreate the graphic with help of a little imagination.

Thanx for the prompt service , stickers were perfect ! boat was back in action last weekend looking like new after 33 years service . Thank you again


If you want to order some replacement decals and still have the old ones stuck on your boat, send us a good square on photo. Make sure it is close up without cutting any edges off. Add some dimensions and the colors you want it to be (if the colors are too faded to tell what they were) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quick quote and a proof.

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Creative use of our Surge Boat Graphics

Our customer Mark sent us some photo's of his set of Surge Boat Graphics applied to his hull a little while ago. We loved how creative he was in his placement so much, we simply had to share it.

The way Mark worked with his paint job makes the graphic look like it was custom designed just for his boat. Plus, the contrasting, but complementing colors, really make the surge graphic stand out. The photo's came accompanied with a short little testimonial:

"Super nice stickers. Its really fantastic."

Thanks for the kind words Mark, your boat looks amazing!

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Custom Boat Graphics - Bosun's Call

Did you know we can translate hand drawn illustration into clean printed stickers? Whether you have a original artwork piece or an undersized / outdated document, we can help you out transforming them into the custom boat graphics you envisioned.

Have a look at these custom graphics we created for Louise. Louise came to us with a pixilated scan of the graphic she wanted, which we translated into a usable illustration with some layout ideas and this is the result.

Hi Chris,

Just thought you might like to see the name on our boat, looks fantastic!


If you have any files, illustrations, scans you would like us to transform into high quality printed graphics you can be proud of, simply shoot us an email with the file (or photo of your drawing) and we'll get back to you with a quick quote.

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Custom Sized Bone Fish Graphics

Did you know you can get any of our StickyFish Boat Graphics in a custom size?

If our standard sizes are simply not going to work for your boat, shoot us an email for some custom sized graphics like Lucie form Canada did.

Lucie loved our Bone Fish Graphics, but also had a certain sized graphic in mind for the side of her boat. So we made some small alterations, trimmed and stretched the Bone Fish a bit... and voila! A custom sized graphic that fits Lucie's boat perfectly.

If you're interested in a custom sized graphic from our shop, simply send us an email with the graphic and sizes you're after and we'll get back to you with a quick quote.

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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Bottom Line

Did you know you can easily incorporate our StickyFish into a boat name instead of sticking it next to it? Have a look at these photo's Craig sent us of his boat Bottom Line.



 By placing the StickyFish inside a letter of the boat name, the graphics look so much more personal and customized then when placed on the side. If you want to take your Boat Name to the next level, shoot us an email with what you had in mind and we'll get back to you with a quick free quote.

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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Blue Bayou Testimonial

Some more great looking end results of a self-applied DIY Boat Name Kit: Blue Bayou.

Thank you for your professional and patient dealings with myself in getting the details right for my boat.

As you can see it turned out great ! (The Pin stripe was a little tricky ).Have already spread the word through fellow boaters about your product and service.







  Thanks for the photo's Steve! Blue Bayou looks great!
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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Esprit Testimonial

We love hearing back from happy Boat Names customers and seeing the Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits on the boat they belong to. When Dirk sent us a picture of his Esprit we were pretty excited to see how this simple and elegant Custom Boat Name Design turned out. A couple of weeks ago Dirk sent us a scanned sketch he made of what graphics he had envisioned for his boat and how he wanted it laid up. We translated this into a DIY Easy to Apply Boat Names Kit and this is the result:


easy to apply boat name kits testimonial 

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the graphics - it was even better than our first order 7 years ago! Your instructions were excellent. As requested, I attach photos of the installed graphics - it looks really good!

Cheers, Dirk


Do you have a sketch, rough layout, collage, photo, you name it that you would like to have translated into a workable design? Send it to us and we'll see what we can do to bring your envisioned Boat Name design to life.

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NEW VIDEO: How to apply graphics to a chine hull

Great news for all tinny owners out there: we made a instruction video specially for you on How to apply Boat Graphics to a Chine Hull!

Since the process is slightly different from applying graphics to a smooth hull and we know it may seem intimidating at fist, we created a step by step tutorial to walk you through it and so you can see how easy it is to do yourself. We've included tips for raw aluminum surfaces and popping bubbles, so you really can't go wrong.

Have a look at all our video's here for more tips on applying boat names, graphics and stripes and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things boat graphics.

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Fish Sticker to customize your wrap

Just because your boat has a wrap doesn’t mean you can’t improve it with a high definition fish boat sticker. These days more and more boats come with beautiful wraps already applied, which looks amazing, but is not exactly unique. Customize your boat by adding a Boat Name you designed yourself and a fish boat sticker of your favorite catch.

fish boat sticker 

Have a look at our huge assortment of Fish Boat Stickers to find the right graphic to customize your boat!

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Custom Rego Numbers

Just because your Rego Numbers need to be easy to read, doesn't mean that they have to be boring! By grabbing elements from either your boat's exterior or your Boat Name graphics, you can easily create Custom Rego Numbers that suite your boat perfectly. Have a look at the Custom Rego Numbers Peter chose for his boat:

custom rego numbers 

 With an easy to read bold font, chrome details from the boat repeated in the custom rego numbers and a contrasting font color make Peter's rego numbers a great example of how to spruce up this usually boring element of your boat graphics the right way.

So, what should you look for when designing your own custom rego numbers in our online design tool? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Font: since it is important that your rego number is easy to read from both close up and a reasonable distance, you're better off staying away from overly decorative and script style fonts. Instead, choose a block letter (or block style font, like on Peter's boat above) that can be read in a glimpse.
  • Size: The size of your rego's depends on which state's waters you call home. Each state has a legal minimum height that your rego numbers need to comply with. Check with your local department of transport to find out what size you need. Of course you can always go bigger if you wish.
  • Color: Using a contrasting color to your boat's hull is essential! No one is going to be able to read rego's that are just one shade darker, but also keep an eye out for contrasting colors in brighter shades. They don't always go well together, even if they are contrasting. For example, if you have a bright green boat, bright red will be hard to read even though they can be found on opposite sides of a color wheel. In our online design tool, you can select your boat color to make sure your chosen rego colors work well on the hull.
  • Repeating elements: The easiest way to make your rego numbers stand out for all the right reasons by complementing the rest of the boat is to take elements or accent colors and use them as an outline or shadow on your rego's (just like on Peter's boat above). You can easily do this yourself, using the online design tool. Another option is to use details of your graphics instead of an even color. For example, the scales of one of our StickyFish would make a great fill in a nice and wide block font (give us a call or shoot an email for more information on our Ocean Design Services and we could create something unique for your rego numbers). 

Good luck designing! Make sure to send us your beautiful end results or upload them straight onto our Facebook page, we always love to see Boat Names graphics in action. Got any questions still? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Bonfire Testimonial

Always good to hear back from happy customers who did an awesome job applying their own Easy to Apply Boat Name Kit.

 Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits

Hello Chris,

As with most projects that I do I get better the second time, Instructions were great, it was my jitterish fingers that caused me problems with the first decal, it still came up a treat, I had it down pat for the second one. I absolutely love your product, have told and shown many at my work the end result.

cheers Bryne 

Have you applied your own Boat Name Graphics and would like to show off your handiwork? Send us a photo and we'll feature your boat with her brand new graphics on our blog, or upload it yourself straight onto our Facebook page!

Good luck designing and applying your own Boat Name Kit and remember that if you need any help to have a look at our detailed Video Instructions and Tutorials.

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Amazing help naming your boat!

Did you just buy a new boat, but you have no idea what to name it? At Boat Names, we are experts when it comes to Boat Name Ideas. Whether you are looking for a funny boat name, a clever boat name or something nice and elegant, we can give you amazing help with naming your boat.


Head over to our page full of Boat Name Ideas and sign up to receive your free eBooks:

- Great Boat Names Ideas
- How To Design A Great Boat Name
and you'll also receive a Huge List of Boat Name Ideas.

After you've figured out what funny, clever or beautiful name to give to your boat, you very easily design your Boat Name yourself. Just have a look at our video "How to use Boat Names Design Engine" to find out how easy it is.

If you would like one of our professional designers to create a Boat Name for you, head over to this page to find out more about our Ocean Design Service.

Thank you for watching and good luck naming your boat!
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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Mr Negativity Testimonial

Another happy Boat Names customer!

 Easy to apply Boat Name Kits 

Dear Chris,

The rain finally stopped and we finally summoned up the nerve to put on the name and graphics. The results are fantastic!! We are very happy with the final results and it was quite easy thanks to your very helpful videos. The side graphics look great too, though I don't have a very good photo as yet. Just what we wanted - not too little and not too much. Breaks up the plain cabin just enough.

Thank you for all your help and your exceptional service. Everything arrived first thing Wednesday morning as promised. Thank you again. Will definitely recommend you to everyone who admires your handiwork!!

Cheers, Eva. 

Watch our Instruction Video's to see for yourself how easy to apply our Boat Name Kits are and to use as a guide when the time comes to put your own Boat Name and Graphics on your boat.
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Boat Graphics Mockup – Zenith

Have you been looking at one of our Boat Graphics, but have trouble deciding because you're not sure how it would look on your boat? Or you need a custom size? We can help you with that!

We totally understand it can be hard making a decision and that you want to see what our graphics look like before you buy. That's why we offer a mockup service. That way you know exactly what you'll get and you can show it to and discuss it with some friends and family before making a purchase. Especially if you need a custom size, this can be very helpful to see how much we need to change the graphic for it to fit on your boat. Like we did with our Zenith Graphic for Alan and his Labsport:

With a good and square photo of Alan's boat we were able to easily create this mockup for him and include some custom designed rego's while we were at it. Now compare it to this photo that Alan send us on Facebook of the end result:


Convinced? We'd be happy to create one for you as well. Simply send us a photo of the side of your boat. Make sure that it's a photo STRAIGHT of the side (just like Alan did) and not in an angle, because this won't give an accurate idea of what you're graphics will look like on the actual boat. Include the overall length of the vessel and height of the bottom of the gunwale rubber to the bottom of the side of the hull in the center of your boat.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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How to include a custom graphic in your Boat Name Kit

For many years now, Boat Names customers have been able to design their own Boat Name Kit using our unique Online Design Engine, allowing them to create their Boat Name exactly how they want and at the same time save money by skipping design fees. But, what many don't know is that it is really easy to include graphics to further customize your Boat Name and that this doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Let's talk about how to include a custom graphic in your Boat Name Kit.


Design your Boat Name as you would normally, but don't pay for your kit just yet.


Find a graphic. If you're looking for something totally unique and specially designed for you, our team of Graphic Designers is always ready to work relentlessly to make your dream Custom Boat Graphic a reality. If you're looking for a simple graphic to go with your Boat Name, like this one on our customer Brad's boat Beer Run:


You could save a tonne of money by choosing a stock image. Stock Images are copyright free images that can be purchased from stock sites for an affordable fee and can be used to spruce up pretty much anything, including your Boat Name. Popular sites to use are iStock and Shutterstock, however we recommend Dollar Photo Club as they have a large variety of very affordable images you could use to customize your Kit. Simply type in the subject of the graphic you are looking for and choose one you think would go well with your Boat Name.

Once you have selected the Graphic you want, copy the image/file ID number along with the Stock Image site you've used or simply copy the URL of the image's web page.


Return to the Online Design Engine and paste the image ID or URL in the "more info" comment box on the check out page. When it's time to select a payment method, select the Credit Card over the phone option and we'll contact you as soon as possible with the final quote on your Boat Name Kit including the graphic.

Can't find a graphic that's exactly like what you wanted. See if you can find a few images that can create the graphic you want together. Also, for most graphics, colors are easily changed. So if you see an image you like, but want to change colors to better suite your Boat Name, let us know and we'll have a look at what we can do.

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us!

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Custom marine graphic design applied in water

At Boat Names we want to make things as easy for our customers as we possibly can. Our team of Boat Graphic specialists has spent hours coming up with the ultimate way of producing marine graphics that anyone can apply themselves.

The result is our easy to apply DIY kits which have all the colors perfectly laid up together so that everything goes on in one step. No difficult measurements need to be made and no hours trying to perfectly align different layers in your graphic! No matter how many colors your choose to incorporate into your design, we lay them up for you so you can simply stick it on yourself.

In fact, our boat name kits and marine graphics are so easy to apply that you can even apply them while your boat is in the water, like one of our customers, Mark, is demonstrating here.

When Mark contacted us about a custom marine graphic design for his boat Griffo, we worked relentlessly on designing the perfect graphic to go on the side of his boat. Once Mark was 100% happy with the design, we cut, laid up and send off the Griffo's new graphic to Mark who applied it himself while his boat was in the water.


Keen to try sticking your graphics on while your boat is in the water? Here's a few helpful tips:

- Make sure it's a calm day! It almost goes without saying, but sticking on a graphic whilst waves are rocking you boat is not a very good idea.

- Before you get started, make sure you properly clean ALL the salt off the hull.

- Make sure you don't get the backing paper wet.

- Unless you have the balance of a gymnast, avoid sticking a graphic on from your tender. We're not saying it's impossible, but we wouldn't recommend it.

- And last but not least, watch out for other boaties! The last thing you want is someone sending a big wake your way while you're in the middle of sticking on your graphic.

To have a more detailed look at how easy it is to apply our DIY Kits, watch our instruction video's for a step by step guide on how to apply all types of graphics. If you have any questions or would like a quote for a custom graphic, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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