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Want to apply your own Boat Name sticker, but afraid you will never get it on properly? One of our recent customers, Kevin, had a bit of trouble applying his custom Boat Name sticker. By having to leave urgently without having time to properly finish applying his Boat Name Kit, wind caught behind the Boat Name sticker, lifted it up and stuck it back onto itself. After telling us about his situation, we were happy to replace his boat graphic for half price and luckily attempt number two was a success. Now Kevin can enjoy his new Boat Name graphics for many years to come, sending us a very kind thank you note:

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your help with the replacement vinyl's at the special price as well. I managed to get them perfectly applied today with no issues at all, not even a single bubble which I a am very happy about. Here is some pics on the Bam Bam vinyl's applied. She's under cover at the moment so the pics don’t show her in full.

Thanks again for your help.



Boat Name Stickers

The best advise we can give anyone purchasing a Boat Names kit is to follow the provided instructions to the letter. But if you still had a bit of trouble applying your sticker, we keep all our Boat Names on file so we can send a new one for reduced price straight away.

 For more information on Boat Name Stickers, contact BoatNames Australia.


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