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In 2009 Boat Names Australia was responsible for the Boat Wrap for Dave Downie's Nugget Fishing Boat. Because this was such a complex and unusual boat wrap, we are taking you back to talk a little bit about this Queensland Fishing Boat Legend.

Boat Wrap from the Past – Nugget

The Nugget Fishing Boat has an ongoing boat wrap graphic spread out over several layers of deck in contrasting shapes, because of that we decided to do the designing, printing and applying of the boat wrap in separate pieces: the port side hull, the starboard side hull, the port side cabin, the starboard side cabin, the top of the cabin, the fish graphic, the boat name and lastly the rego number.

The first part of the boat wrap to be applied was the background for hull, followed by the bottom part of the fish graphic to go on top of that. Once this was in place we had a better idea of where the bottom layer of the cabin needed to align to the hull. The hull and cabin were separated by a strip of deck, that when you view the boat from the side, goes straight through the fish graphic. By printing the top and bottom of the fish separately with a large amount of overlap, therefor having plenty of room to shift around and cut where we wanted, we were able to make the graphic look like one continuing piece from side view.

The port and starboard sides of the hull are mirrored images which contain boat stripe graphics that taper to a narrow front, so they would come together nicely at the bow without having to worry about strange looking transitions where the two parts meet.

Now knowing where exactly the print's transitions between the sides and top of the cabin would fall, we were able to design and apply the top part of the boat wrap. By designing, printing and applying in separate stages, we were able to have a seamless transition between the hull and layers of cabin, making the print look like a whole from a side view.

When moving around the boat, the print alignment points will change, which can make your boat wrap look strange and out of place from certain viewpoints. By using a background image with lots of detail, colour hue varieties and things to look at, we diminish this effect dramatically.

The final layer of the boat wrap to be applied were the Boat Name and rego number. Applying these separately allowed us to move around the background image to align it properly with each section without having to worry about any text being crooked.

To finish the boat wrap off, the edges of the graphics were sealed with 3M Edge Sealer, protecting the graphic from peeling and making sure the boat wrap will last for years.

A full boat wrap like this would look great on any fishing boat, whether it's a private vessel or you have a whole fishing charter fleet, Boat Names Australia can create, produce and apply a boat wrap for any vessel. For more information and quotes on custom boat wraps, contact Boat Names Australia.

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