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Have some spare time and maybe the experience of hammering in a few nails? Why not have a go at building one of these classic speedboats and be the envy of your friends. Almost anyone could do it - Ho Ho Ho!

Having just finished building and launching (is a boat ever actually completed?) a 6.4 metre sailing trimaran, like any frustrated boat builder, I started looking around for my next project. An ultralight? Can't see the boss approving of that one. A submarine? That is actually not as silly as it sounds - more on that later.  Than I found the website featuring full scale plans for some of the most beautiful speedboats ever designed.

This site has been around for a few years now and offers PDF plans of claasic designs that can be printed full size to avoid the pleasant but problematic lofting from the offsets (the latter are rarely accurate). That of course is the easy bit.  Just look at the detail of the workmanship and finish on these magnificent craft.

By the way, when you have finished building, don't forget to go to to design  the name and rego stickers.

Drool on!




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