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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Esprit Testimonial

We love hearing back from happy Boat Names customers and seeing the Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits on the boat they belong to. When Dirk sent us a picture of his Esprit we were pretty excited to see how this simple and elegant Custom Boat Name Design turned out. A couple of weeks ago Dirk sent us a scanned sketch he made of what graphics he had envisioned for his boat and how he wanted it laid up. We translated this into a DIY Easy to Apply Boat Names Kit and this is the result:


easy to apply boat name kits testimonial 

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the graphics - it was even better than our first order 7 years ago! Your instructions were excellent. As requested, I attach photos of the installed graphics - it looks really good!

Cheers, Dirk


Do you have a sketch, rough layout, collage, photo, you name it that you would like to have translated into a workable design? Send it to us and we'll see what we can do to bring your envisioned Boat Name design to life.

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Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits - Bonfire Testimonial

Always good to hear back from happy customers who did an awesome job applying their own Easy to Apply Boat Name Kit.

 Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits

Hello Chris,

As with most projects that I do I get better the second time, Instructions were great, it was my jitterish fingers that caused me problems with the first decal, it still came up a treat, I had it down pat for the second one. I absolutely love your product, have told and shown many at my work the end result.

cheers Bryne 

Have you applied your own Boat Name Graphics and would like to show off your handiwork? Send us a photo and we'll feature your boat with her brand new graphics on our blog, or upload it yourself straight onto our Facebook page!

Good luck designing and applying your own Boat Name Kit and remember that if you need any help to have a look at our detailed Video Instructions and Tutorials.

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Amazing help naming your boat!

Did you just buy a new boat, but you have no idea what to name it? At Boat Names, we are experts when it comes to Boat Name Ideas. Whether you are looking for a funny boat name, a clever boat name or something nice and elegant, we can give you amazing help with naming your boat.


Head over to our page full of Boat Name Ideas and sign up to receive your free eBooks:

- Great Boat Names Ideas
- How To Design A Great Boat Name
and you'll also receive a Huge List of Boat Name Ideas.

After you've figured out what funny, clever or beautiful name to give to your boat, you very easily design your Boat Name yourself. Just have a look at our video "How to use Boat Names Design Engine" to find out how easy it is.

If you would like one of our professional designers to create a Boat Name for you, head over to this page to find out more about our Ocean Design Service.

Thank you for watching and good luck naming your boat!
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Out Wide - Custom Boat Graphics

Are you looking into going the extra mile with your Boat Graphics? Look no further. At Boat Names we have a team of Graphic Designers that specialize in creating amazing looking Custom Boat Graphics. Whatever style your after, whatever effects you want, we can make it happen!

 Recently we've created this Custom Boat Graphic for Out Wide.


 Out Wide's owner Mick had his eye on our StickyFish Sailfish Graphic, but wanted chrome effects in both his graphics and Boat Name. So we got busy making Mick's dream Boat Name a reality.

 Whether you want to incorporate and customize different graphics from our catalogs, have your own artwork and would like us to match an awesome looking Custom Boat Name to it or you would like us to get really creative and create something completely unique we can make it happen!

If you have any questions or would like a quote for your Custom Boat Graphics, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Easy to apply Boat Name Kits - Crazy Horse Testimonial

At Boat Names Australia we understand that we can say all the good things we want about our "Easy to apply Boat Name Kits", but it probably still looks really intimidating to put Boat Graphics on your own boat. So a little bit of reinsurance from a fellow boat owner probably won't hurt.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the boat names.
We installed them over the weekend and I was amazed how easy it was. The
instructions made me very cautious, so I was a bit apprehensive about
messing it up, but it worked out perfectly. The second side of the boat only
took about 10 minutes all up as I knew how easy it was.

The quality and finish of the names is sensational and they look fabulous on the boat.




Easy to apply Boat Name Kits

Thank you for the photo Cy! We always love seeing end results of our Boat Name Kits. Crazy Horse looks really good!

Design and order your own Easy to apply Boat Name Kit here or contact us anytime for quotes and questions.

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Names of famous Australian cruising yachts

Names of famous Australian yachts 

It might be a bit rude to copy these verbatim for your own boat, but with a bit of imagination, variations would not be too difficult, or maybe “II” or “Spirit of” would work well. Here are some of the best examples (Courtesy of Alan Lucas “Cruising Australians” Horwitz 1989


Smokey Cape

Raili (Trimaran)





Jelly Bean


White Pointer (See article called “What’s in a name” before using this one)














Imagination is virtually the only limiting factor. Also, when you go to “design-on-line at you can play with the name. font, colours and graphic enhancements until you are completely satisfied with your selection. Don’t forget that you can also call Chris at BOATNAMES if you want some professional design input.


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How Triana got her name

Selecting the name was almost as hard as building the boat, but then that is often the case. The boat itself was a 2 1/2 year project and the full story will be published in a future BOAT NAMES Australia newsletter.

Many multihull owners get silly with the use of "cat - whatever" or Tri-whatever" and initially I tried to avoid these options. The BOAT NAMES Australia website actually has excellent suggestions about finding a suitable name and this, along with numerous Internet searches were explored but nothing I found really appealed. Eventually, I went back to the Tri-combinations. I rather liked "Tria" a Greek word for three, but after playing with variations, the name "Triana" evolved. It seemed highly suitable to this lovely little craft.

BOATNAMES Design-on-line software was excellent, allowing variations in type fonts, colours and effects to be explored. However, Chris (Boatnames) willingly accepted my own font selection (Seabird italic)  that was not one of his standards, so I sent him the link to the font library.  The type colour was a no-brainer because one of his standard colours is "teal" which perfectly matches the hull paint. Chris advised on the drop shadow colour and the use of a white keyline - a perfect combination.

Production was prompt and efficient and the material, with excellent instructions was received within two days. The application itself was so simple it was amazing and this was due to all three colours being cut onto a single application sheet, meaning no chance of mis-alignment of the shadow with the main name, also no chance of getting blisters of bubbles between separate stickers. "Cutting" of the letters and images is also an important factor when producing the material. Their competiton usually just prints the material because it is a cheaper process but the cutting process means better image resolution and longer life, without making the application process more difficult,

In summary, I cannot thank BOATNAMES enough for their professional advice, quality and efficiency

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Great article on how NOT to name a boat

For copyright reasons, I'm not going to reproduce it here, but there is an excellent article at -

Of course, if you want good local advice, on-line design and top quality name,graphics and striping, go no further than

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