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DIY Boat Name Kit for Clinker Hulls - L'atra Donna

It's incredibly easy to install our DIY Boat Names Kits yourself. Even if your boat has a trickier shape. Applying graphics to a clinker hull may seem intimidating at first, but with a few tips and tricks, anyone can do it.

A little while ago, our customer Annie send us this photo of L'atra Donna with a little testimonial:



"Hello Chris and Team

Dennis was thrilled with his present, and we put the transfers successfully onto the boat yesterday and went out on it today, so was able to take a picture which I have attached.
It looks like a new boat :-)
Thank you so much for your help in making this gift special.
Best Regards

Thanks for the photo Annie. The boat look great!

Do you have a Clinker Hull Boat and always wondered how to get graphics on there correctly? Have a look at our detailed step-by-step instruction video:

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Stinga Replacement Decals

Do you have any graphics on your boat that desperately need a replacement decal? We can help you out! Recently, we were contacted by Mike who was looking to replace the Stinga decals on his boat. Since most of the graphic still remained on the boat, we could easily recreate the graphic with help of a little imagination.

Thanx for the prompt service , stickers were perfect ! boat was back in action last weekend looking like new after 33 years service . Thank you again


If you want to order some replacement decals and still have the old ones stuck on your boat, send us a good square on photo. Make sure it is close up without cutting any edges off. Add some dimensions and the colors you want it to be (if the colors are too faded to tell what they were) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quick quote and a proof.

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NEW VIDEO: How to apply graphics to a chine hull

Great news for all tinny owners out there: we made a instruction video specially for you on How to apply Boat Graphics to a Chine Hull!

Since the process is slightly different from applying graphics to a smooth hull and we know it may seem intimidating at fist, we created a step by step tutorial to walk you through it and so you can see how easy it is to do yourself. We've included tips for raw aluminum surfaces and popping bubbles, so you really can't go wrong.

Have a look at all our video's here for more tips on applying boat names, graphics and stripes and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things boat graphics.

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Custom Rego Numbers

Just because your Rego Numbers need to be easy to read, doesn't mean that they have to be boring! By grabbing elements from either your boat's exterior or your Boat Name graphics, you can easily create Custom Rego Numbers that suite your boat perfectly. Have a look at the Custom Rego Numbers Peter chose for his boat:

custom rego numbers 

 With an easy to read bold font, chrome details from the boat repeated in the custom rego numbers and a contrasting font color make Peter's rego numbers a great example of how to spruce up this usually boring element of your boat graphics the right way.

So, what should you look for when designing your own custom rego numbers in our online design tool? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Font: since it is important that your rego number is easy to read from both close up and a reasonable distance, you're better off staying away from overly decorative and script style fonts. Instead, choose a block letter (or block style font, like on Peter's boat above) that can be read in a glimpse.
  • Size: The size of your rego's depends on which state's waters you call home. Each state has a legal minimum height that your rego numbers need to comply with. Check with your local department of transport to find out what size you need. Of course you can always go bigger if you wish.
  • Color: Using a contrasting color to your boat's hull is essential! No one is going to be able to read rego's that are just one shade darker, but also keep an eye out for contrasting colors in brighter shades. They don't always go well together, even if they are contrasting. For example, if you have a bright green boat, bright red will be hard to read even though they can be found on opposite sides of a color wheel. In our online design tool, you can select your boat color to make sure your chosen rego colors work well on the hull.
  • Repeating elements: The easiest way to make your rego numbers stand out for all the right reasons by complementing the rest of the boat is to take elements or accent colors and use them as an outline or shadow on your rego's (just like on Peter's boat above). You can easily do this yourself, using the online design tool. Another option is to use details of your graphics instead of an even color. For example, the scales of one of our StickyFish would make a great fill in a nice and wide block font (give us a call or shoot an email for more information on our Ocean Design Services and we could create something unique for your rego numbers). 

Good luck designing! Make sure to send us your beautiful end results or upload them straight onto our Facebook page, we always love to see Boat Names graphics in action. Got any questions still? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Boat Graphics Mockup – Zenith

Have you been looking at one of our Boat Graphics, but have trouble deciding because you're not sure how it would look on your boat? Or you need a custom size? We can help you with that!

We totally understand it can be hard making a decision and that you want to see what our graphics look like before you buy. That's why we offer a mockup service. That way you know exactly what you'll get and you can show it to and discuss it with some friends and family before making a purchase. Especially if you need a custom size, this can be very helpful to see how much we need to change the graphic for it to fit on your boat. Like we did with our Zenith Graphic for Alan and his Labsport:

With a good and square photo of Alan's boat we were able to easily create this mockup for him and include some custom designed rego's while we were at it. Now compare it to this photo that Alan send us on Facebook of the end result:


Convinced? We'd be happy to create one for you as well. Simply send us a photo of the side of your boat. Make sure that it's a photo STRAIGHT of the side (just like Alan did) and not in an angle, because this won't give an accurate idea of what you're graphics will look like on the actual boat. Include the overall length of the vessel and height of the bottom of the gunwale rubber to the bottom of the side of the hull in the center of your boat.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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How to include a custom graphic in your Boat Name Kit

For many years now, Boat Names customers have been able to design their own Boat Name Kit using our unique Online Design Engine, allowing them to create their Boat Name exactly how they want and at the same time save money by skipping design fees. But, what many don't know is that it is really easy to include graphics to further customize your Boat Name and that this doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Let's talk about how to include a custom graphic in your Boat Name Kit.


Design your Boat Name as you would normally, but don't pay for your kit just yet.


Find a graphic. If you're looking for something totally unique and specially designed for you, our team of Graphic Designers is always ready to work relentlessly to make your dream Custom Boat Graphic a reality. If you're looking for a simple graphic to go with your Boat Name, like this one on our customer Brad's boat Beer Run:


You could save a tonne of money by choosing a stock image. Stock Images are copyright free images that can be purchased from stock sites for an affordable fee and can be used to spruce up pretty much anything, including your Boat Name. Popular sites to use are iStock and Shutterstock, however we recommend Dollar Photo Club as they have a large variety of very affordable images you could use to customize your Kit. Simply type in the subject of the graphic you are looking for and choose one you think would go well with your Boat Name.

Once you have selected the Graphic you want, copy the image/file ID number along with the Stock Image site you've used or simply copy the URL of the image's web page.


Return to the Online Design Engine and paste the image ID or URL in the "more info" comment box on the check out page. When it's time to select a payment method, select the Credit Card over the phone option and we'll contact you as soon as possible with the final quote on your Boat Name Kit including the graphic.

Can't find a graphic that's exactly like what you wanted. See if you can find a few images that can create the graphic you want together. Also, for most graphics, colors are easily changed. So if you see an image you like, but want to change colors to better suite your Boat Name, let us know and we'll have a look at what we can do.

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us!

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How To Apply a Boat Name easily like a pro

 At Boat Names, we're all about making things as easy as we can for our customers. That's why we've created our latest instruction video: How To Apply a Boat Name easily like a pro. It's full of helpful tips to guide you through the process of applying your own Boat Name Kit, including what to do if things don't go 100% your way.



If you are still left with some questions on applying Boat Name Graphics after watching our instruction, feel free to contact us anytime! Order your own Boat Name Kit here to get started on creating your own professional looking Boat Name.

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Onsite Install Boat Stripes Kettering Tasmania – Covering up sun damage

Boat Names Australia recently executed an onsite install of Boat Stripes in Kettering Tasmania on a Cruise Craft Executive 800.

Onsite Install Boat Stripes Kettering Tasmania 

 This 30 year old bay cruiser had the reminiscence of old boat stripes from the past 10 years, which let to uneven sun damage.

The sun slowly eats away the gelcoat of the boat, while Boat Stripes or other vinyl boat graphics will protect the gelcoat from this damage which ultimately results in colour difference once the old striping is removed. The best way to get rid of this is obviously to repaint, but if the paint still looks to be in reasonable condition and you would rather postpone this costly task until later, there is a way to cheat yourself out of it.

Applying new boat stripes can be used as a good method to mask old sun damage. Now you don't even need to stick to replicating the old boat striping, it would be extremely hard to cover up every bit of sun damage exactly even when sticking to a replica. Instead you can use a design that sits in the same general location. By having the contrast between the colour the boat stripes and the white (or any hull colour of choice) it will be very hard to see the bit of staining caused by sun damage around the new graphics, creating the illusion of an evenly coloured hull. As an added bonus, when leaving the boat outside in the sun the paint should start evening out within 3 month.

For this Cruise Craft Executive 800 Boat Names Australia created boat graphics mimicking the original default factory graphics, sending it back to its former glory (read more on restoring vintage graphics here), whilst using the method described above to cover up staining caused by sun damage.

If you have a boat in the Hobart – Kettering area, we'd be happy to drop by and give you on the spot advise on custom boat graphics, boat striping or covering up sun damage and have a professional install your graphics onsite. Or if you live on the mainland, give us a call for some advise over the phone.

For quotes or question on an onsite install of boat graphics, don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia!

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Boat Name Kits – Easy to apply boat graphics

Some of our most frequently asked questions concern what Boat Name Kits will look like when they get to their new owner. Will there be a background colour? Do I have to align the different colours I ordered myself? Is the name going to arrive in one peace or individual letters?

To answer those questions, we will quickly run you through the process of how Boat Name Kits are made.

Some of our most frequently asked questions concern what Boat Name Kits will look like when they get to their new owner. Will there be a background colour? Do I have to align the different colours I ordered myself? Is the name going to arrive in one peace or individual letters?

To answer those questions, we will quickly run you through the process of how Boat Name Kits are made.

Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics

We start of by cutting out each colour individually and removing the negative space. You are always left without a background colour.

In the designing program on our website you do get the question to choose a boat colour, but this it strictly for ease of designing and so you can get an idea of what your graphic would look like on the colour of your hull. It would be next to impossible to match the vinyl we use for our graphic to the colour of your hull. Plus, this way you don't have strange looking edges around your graphic. Instead you will end up with a seamless result.

Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics 

After that, the top layer gets transferred onto application paper, which will hold all the lettering together and make sure nothing gets moved around.

Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics

We then align the two layers together and transfer them onto the same piece of transfer paper.

Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics 

Depending on the amount of colours a graphic contains, we repeat this process until you are left with one image to be stuck on a boat.

 Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics

We then separate the graphics and cut away any excess material that would make your Boat Name Kit harder to apply, after that they are ready for shipping.

Boat Name Kits easy to apply boat graphics 

Once the Boat Names Kit arrives in your mailbox, all you have to do is to make sure you place your graphics straight onto your boat. Tips on aligning and applying your Boat Names Kit to your hull can be found in the instructions provided in your kit.

Still have some questions about applying your Boat Name Kit, please don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia.

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Boat Name sticker troubles?

Want to apply your own Boat Name sticker, but afraid you will never get it on properly? One of our recent customers, Kevin, had a bit of trouble applying his custom Boat Name sticker. By having to leave urgently without having time to properly finish applying his Boat Name Kit, wind caught behind the Boat Name sticker, lifted it up and stuck it back onto itself. After telling us about his situation, we were happy to replace his boat graphic for half price and luckily attempt number two was a success. Now Kevin can enjoy his new Boat Name graphics for many years to come, sending us a very kind thank you note:

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your help with the replacement vinyl's at the special price as well. I managed to get them perfectly applied today with no issues at all, not even a single bubble which I a am very happy about. Here is some pics on the Bam Bam vinyl's applied. She's under cover at the moment so the pics don’t show her in full.

Thanks again for your help.



Boat Name Stickers

The best advise we can give anyone purchasing a Boat Names kit is to follow the provided instructions to the letter. But if you still had a bit of trouble applying your sticker, we keep all our Boat Names on file so we can send a new one for reduced price straight away.

 For more information on Boat Name Stickers, contact BoatNames Australia.

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How Triana got her name

Selecting the name was almost as hard as building the boat, but then that is often the case. The boat itself was a 2 1/2 year project and the full story will be published in a future BOAT NAMES Australia newsletter.

Many multihull owners get silly with the use of "cat - whatever" or Tri-whatever" and initially I tried to avoid these options. The BOAT NAMES Australia website actually has excellent suggestions about finding a suitable name and this, along with numerous Internet searches were explored but nothing I found really appealed. Eventually, I went back to the Tri-combinations. I rather liked "Tria" a Greek word for three, but after playing with variations, the name "Triana" evolved. It seemed highly suitable to this lovely little craft.

BOATNAMES Design-on-line software was excellent, allowing variations in type fonts, colours and effects to be explored. However, Chris (Boatnames) willingly accepted my own font selection (Seabird italic)  that was not one of his standards, so I sent him the link to the font library.  The type colour was a no-brainer because one of his standard colours is "teal" which perfectly matches the hull paint. Chris advised on the drop shadow colour and the use of a white keyline - a perfect combination.

Production was prompt and efficient and the material, with excellent instructions was received within two days. The application itself was so simple it was amazing and this was due to all three colours being cut onto a single application sheet, meaning no chance of mis-alignment of the shadow with the main name, also no chance of getting blisters of bubbles between separate stickers. "Cutting" of the letters and images is also an important factor when producing the material. Their competiton usually just prints the material because it is a cheaper process but the cutting process means better image resolution and longer life, without making the application process more difficult,

In summary, I cannot thank BOATNAMES enough for their professional advice, quality and efficiency

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Facelift for fibreglass gelcoat

A facelift for fibreglass gelcoat

No, Juliet, I am not paying for your facelift, however much you think you need it to meet your friends with confidence. My boat, however, needs to look good in all circumstances and for that, I shall do the job myself, as follows:

What is gelcoat?

Gelcoat is actually a resin containing several fillers, many of which are trade secrets of the particular manufacturer.  The resin is usually polyester, but in higher quality materials, it may be vinyl-ester or epoxy. Although it can be applied as a finish, it is more common for it to be put into the mould before the fibreglass glass substrate is added. This is the main reason why the finish on the mould itself is so critical because the gelcoat becomes the visible finish.

Why does gelcoat get dull?

The initial stresses involved in removing the component from the mould themselves contribute to degradation, but most damage occurs as a result of UV exposure, friction and general wear and tear.  In extreme circumstances, it is possible to re-coat the gelcoat but this is not generally a job for the owner, because the process is quite involved and the results will depend almost entirely on the quality of preparation and the sanding, sealing and polishing.

It is better policy to keep the gelcoat looking good from the start and typically, wax is added to maintain the shine and UV resistance.  However, preparation prior to waxing is vital.

The preparation process

Thorough cleaning is essential and this may be achieved with nothing more complicated than warm water, a little bleach and liquid dish-washing liquid, mixed together. It is best applied with a sponge that has been soaked in the liquid, then squeezed nearly dry.  Only when the entire surface is thoroughly clean should it be washed down with fresh water and left to dry completely.

When dry, the entire surface should be wiped over with frequently-changed soft rags soaked with “wax and grease remover” Plain acetone sold in paint stores will do just as well. Remember to keep changing the rags to prevent any deposits from getting back onto the surface.


Just like the gelcoat itself, waxes vary so it is best to purchase a good quality “name brand” product.  A lot of work can be saved by choosing a silicone-free polish, because it makes subsequent cleaning and application of vinyl material like names, striping etc far easier.Turtle Wax brand is silicone free and others may be available from a local panelbeater or online from

Pick a fine, warm, day for this work and avoid excessive temperatures and high wind that will adversely affect the job

The pad should be coated with the wax and applied in an even motion with the tool. Use a soft buffing pad constantly moving to avoid excessive wear in any one place. Although a pad in a electric drill will do, a better and inexpensive tool is a variable speed electric buffer. Kmart, SuperCheap and other chains sell these for as low as $25.. The wax should then be allowed to dry – it is a mistake to start rubbing it down immediately. Usually, depending on climatic conditions 2-3 hours should be sufficient. The use clean soft rags to remove any haze in the finish, being careful to clean off any buildup of polish in cracks or where fittings are attached.

With care and a little work, you will truly be delighted with the result.

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How to use this blog

This new feature highlights recent solutions for boat naming anf graphics. There is, of course, considerable information on the website so please check there before posing a new question. Then you can search the entries in these blog pages for issues similar to your own, OR post a new message to obtain answers from our team and/or expert contributors.

Thank you

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