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NEW! Lots of StickyFish Boat Graphics

Our ever growing collection of StickyFish Boat Graphics just got a whole lot bigger! We've expended our Fish Graphics with Bass, Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Giant Trevally, Trout, Wahoo AND Walleye stickers.

Order your Bass Graphics here

Order your Mahi Mahi Graphics here

Order your Tarpon Graphics here

Order your Giant Trevally Graphics here

Order your Trout Graphics here

Order your Wahoo Graphics here

Order your Walleye Graphics here

All are available for sale in our StickyFish Catalogue. Order your own mirrored pair in a small size, measuring 220mm by 250mm or go for a large one measuring 430mm by 480mm starting at only AU$33!

Buy them on their own, add a pair to your Boat Name Kit or contact our designers about the possibility to use them in a custom Boat Wrap.

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Customised Ski Boat Graphics – Subtle but Unique

So we previously talked about a full custom ski boat wrap to give your ski boat attitude and make it look cool, but what if you're after something a bit more subtle or more wallet friendly? Even though we highly recommend custom boat wraps, as they are the best way to make you ski boat look one of a kind, there are plenty of other option to make your boat stand out on a budget.

Custom Ski Boat Graphics

For example: Viper has taken a boat graphic from our collection and put a smaller version on the outboard to match. Not only does the boat graphic complement the shape, style and colour of Viper seamlessly, by putting the same Boat Graphic on the outboard they look uniform, consistent and very unique in a subtle way.

Have look at our collection of Boat Graphics to find a graphic that will match perfectly with your ski boat and outboard. Or have a read through our previous post on Boat Graphics for more option and to see how you can customise your graphics even further.

For any questions or quotes, please don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia!

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Custom Ski Boat Wrap – Taking Boat Graphics to the Next Level

When buying a ski boat, you are looking for a boat that's going to bring you fun, that's going to look great on the trailer in front of your house and that's going to make YOU look good in the bay. Are you going to leave it with the default colouring and have it look like every other ski boat? You may want to think twice about that! A custom ski boat wrap will give your ski boat that extra bit of style that will transform it from plain to really bloody cool.

Custom Ski Boat Wrap

Boat Names Australia created this custom ski boat wrap for Storm Force. The purple ocean scene makes Storm Force look in place with out making it blend in and disappear on the water. The colouring used for this particular ski boat wrap gives Storm Force attitude and in combination with the metallic effect lettering, she will most definitely stand out in the bay. The high definition digitally printed vinyl wrap changed Storm Force from being a plain boat to a high performance show condition ski boat that her owner can be proud of.

If you are looking into a custom ski boat wrap, don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia for quotes or questions.

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Customise your fishing boat - Fishing Boat Graphics

No fishing boat is complete without a fish graphic. Take a look at our large collection of fishing boat graphics and you will find a wide variety of styles to suite any taste. Whether you like cartoon style drawings, have a taste for something more graphic or are looking for a hand-painted fish sticker, Boat Names Australia can sort you out.

Fishing boat graphics can be purchased on their own, making them a great gift to someone with an non-customised boat.

You can add your fishing boat graphic to your Boat Name Kit for an easy and affordable way to customise your fishing boat.

Fishing Boat Graphics 

You may want to consider combining your fishing boat graphic with a boat stripe graphic for a unique look suited to your personality.

Fishing Boat Graphics

Or if you have a fishing charter company looking into a unique and consistent look for your fleet or simply have a bit more to spend on your private fishing boat? We can create a custom Boat Name to match your boat graphics of choice for a completely customised look and to stand out in the bay.

Our fishing boat graphics are all high definition digitally printed onto 5 year stable vinyl. The vinyl is shielded with a UV and scratch resistant coating that will keep your fish graphic looking great for many years and they are easy to apply, just like our Boat Name Kits.

Any questions about our fishing boat graphics or if you want a quote on your custom Boat Names Kit, don't hesitate to call Boat Names Australia!

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Boat Graphics - An easy and affordable way to customise your boat

Do you have a fun weekend boat and looking into ways to customise it? Have a look at our extensive collection of boat graphics. With our wide variety of option, we have a graphic to suite any runabout boat from fishing tinnies to wake boats or even jet skis but can also be customised to fit larger vessels.

Boat Graphics 

Our boat fish graphics are a great affordable way to completely transform the look of your boat. They can be added to our standard Boat Name Kits, sold on their own or, if you want to take it to the next level, we can create custom lettering to match the colours, shapes and effects of your boat graphic for a unique and consistent look.

Boat graphics are super easy to apply and will arrive in the same way as our Boat Name Kits, which you can read more about here.

Boat Graphics

All our boat graphics are high definition images digitally printed onto vinyl and finished off with a scratch resistant UV-protection laminate. The marine grade graphics will easily last you for 5 years and beyond when properly cared for.

They also make great gifts to anyone who just splurged on a new boat or has had their boat for years and it could use a bit of a spruce.

Do you have a bit more to spend or looking for something very specific? We can also create customised boat graphic or even full wraps to suite any needs and wishes.

If you have any questions about boat graphics, please don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia.

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Build a classic wooden speedboat

Have some spare time and maybe the experience of hammering in a few nails? Why not have a go at building one of these classic speedboats and be the envy of your friends. Almost anyone could do it - Ho Ho Ho!

Having just finished building and launching (is a boat ever actually completed?) a 6.4 metre sailing trimaran, like any frustrated boat builder, I started looking around for my next project. An ultralight? Can't see the boss approving of that one. A submarine? That is actually not as silly as it sounds - more on that later.  Than I found the website featuring full scale plans for some of the most beautiful speedboats ever designed.

This site has been around for a few years now and offers PDF plans of claasic designs that can be printed full size to avoid the pleasant but problematic lofting from the offsets (the latter are rarely accurate). That of course is the easy bit.  Just look at the detail of the workmanship and finish on these magnificent craft.

By the way, when you have finished building, don't forget to go to to design  the name and rego stickers.

Drool on!



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Reasonably handy? Try one of these

If you fancy owning a speedboat or hydroplane capable of up to 50 kph or a great skiboat, but lack the money to buy one fully finished, why not consider building one yourself? This not only gives great satisfaction but allows the cost to be spread over a year or more. You can start with just a few hundred dollars for the plans and ply for the frames and/or mould, then buy the rest of the materials as you earn the money.

Here are some great examples:

HARTLEY have sold plans for many decades. Their designs cover everthing from simple dinghies to offshore cruisers. Several speedboat designs are available, but on of the best in terms of simplicity and value is the Sprite 12. With a 30 HP outboard, this boat can do up to 50 knots. An inboard version is available.

ROBERT Q RILEY designs some fun machines. Better, more stable and faster than most PWCs this craft will do 40 kph powered by a short shaft outboard of up to 35 HP. The plans are a ridiculously low cost and the materials - 9 mm ply overlaid with glass cloth are highly affordable. Details at

CLASSIC DESIGNS many from the 1950s. Don't sneer at these old timers. Many are absolute head-turners and for builders with above average skills, image one finished in mahoghany. Her are a couple of examples from

WHISTLER strip planked and trailable suited for inboard or outboard engines


SKEETO. Ignore the "old fashioned picture and imagine this boat built in mahoghany ply. The "tumblehome" makes this aa truly classic design

So what are you waiting for? You can do it!

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Speedy looking speedboat

Howcome some speedboats look fast even when not moving? I guess the graphics are a lot to do with this and stripes along each side help the impression of movement. Can I dummy something up using your :design on line or is what I'm trying to do too complicated for that?
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