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Easy to apply Boat Names Kit - Mariner's Dream Testimonial

I have finally attached all the Boat Names Australia transfers to my yacht and they look fantastic. I have had many positive comments from friends and people I don't even know at Mooloolaba Marina. Even the local yacht broker at the marina said how good the name looked and I passed on Boat Names Australia contact details to him.
Overall I am really happy with how the new looks, the ease of application and service from Boat Names Australia. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about applying the transfers, scared I would make a mistake, but after starting with the rego numbers and how easy they went on I completed all the transfers with out incident. I feel the new name colour and style works really well with the yachts scheme and am glad I kept it simple.
Regards from a very satisfied customer
- Rowan


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Easy to apply Boat Name Kits - Ocean Jaywalker Testimonial

We love hearing back from our customers to see how they went with applying their Easy To Apply Boat Name Kit. When we heard back from Ben about his experience, we couldn't help but admire his boat as well as his affords with applying his Boat Name Kit on an anchored yacht.

"Hi Chris,
Just writing to let you know we are very happy with the name stickers for
our yacht. They were straight forward to put on ( we applied them whilst
anchored in the King George River in the Kimberly) and the instructions were
easy to follow. Size and font is spot on. Thanks again.
Kind Regards



Thank you for the kind words Ben! Ocean Jaywalker looks amazing!


Want to order your own Easy To Apply Boat Name Kit? Head over to our Custom Design Engine and get started now. If you have any question or would like to share your own Boat Name with us, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Boat Graphics - An easy and affordable way to customise your boat

Do you have a fun weekend boat and looking into ways to customise it? Have a look at our extensive collection of boat graphics. With our wide variety of option, we have a graphic to suite any runabout boat from fishing tinnies to wake boats or even jet skis but can also be customised to fit larger vessels.

Boat Graphics 

Our boat fish graphics are a great affordable way to completely transform the look of your boat. They can be added to our standard Boat Name Kits, sold on their own or, if you want to take it to the next level, we can create custom lettering to match the colours, shapes and effects of your boat graphic for a unique and consistent look.

Boat graphics are super easy to apply and will arrive in the same way as our Boat Name Kits, which you can read more about here.

Boat Graphics

All our boat graphics are high definition images digitally printed onto vinyl and finished off with a scratch resistant UV-protection laminate. The marine grade graphics will easily last you for 5 years and beyond when properly cared for.

They also make great gifts to anyone who just splurged on a new boat or has had their boat for years and it could use a bit of a spruce.

Do you have a bit more to spend or looking for something very specific? We can also create customised boat graphic or even full wraps to suite any needs and wishes.

If you have any questions about boat graphics, please don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia.

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Classic yacht graphics

Most boats you see have graphics that are too "loud" for my taste. Have you any suggestions about creating tasteful graphics and name lettering to suit a classic 30' yacht. The hull colour is all white and there is a beautiful teak toe rail as well as polished teak finish on the cabin sides. The boot topping is black..
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