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At Boat Names we want to make things as easy for our customers as we possibly can. Our team of Boat Graphic specialists has spent hours coming up with the ultimate way of producing marine graphics that anyone can apply themselves.

The result is our easy to apply DIY kits which have all the colors perfectly laid up together so that everything goes on in one step. No difficult measurements need to be made and no hours trying to perfectly align different layers in your graphic! No matter how many colors your choose to incorporate into your design, we lay them up for you so you can simply stick it on yourself.

In fact, our boat name kits and marine graphics are so easy to apply that you can even apply them while your boat is in the water, like one of our customers, Mark, is demonstrating here.

When Mark contacted us about a custom marine graphic design for his boat Griffo, we worked relentlessly on designing the perfect graphic to go on the side of his boat. Once Mark was 100% happy with the design, we cut, laid up and send off the Griffo's new graphic to Mark who applied it himself while his boat was in the water.


Keen to try sticking your graphics on while your boat is in the water? Here's a few helpful tips:

- Make sure it's a calm day! It almost goes without saying, but sticking on a graphic whilst waves are rocking you boat is not a very good idea.

- Before you get started, make sure you properly clean ALL the salt off the hull.

- Make sure you don't get the backing paper wet.

- Unless you have the balance of a gymnast, avoid sticking a graphic on from your tender. We're not saying it's impossible, but we wouldn't recommend it.

- And last but not least, watch out for other boaties! The last thing you want is someone sending a big wake your way while you're in the middle of sticking on your graphic.

To have a more detailed look at how easy it is to apply our DIY Kits, watch our instruction video's for a step by step guide on how to apply all types of graphics. If you have any questions or would like a quote for a custom graphic, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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