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Just because your Rego Numbers need to be easy to read, doesn't mean that they have to be boring! By grabbing elements from either your boat's exterior or your Boat Name graphics, you can easily create Custom Rego Numbers that suite your boat perfectly. Have a look at the Custom Rego Numbers Peter chose for his boat:

custom rego numbers 

 With an easy to read bold font, chrome details from the boat repeated in the custom rego numbers and a contrasting font color make Peter's rego numbers a great example of how to spruce up this usually boring element of your boat graphics the right way.

So, what should you look for when designing your own custom rego numbers in our online design tool? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Font: since it is important that your rego number is easy to read from both close up and a reasonable distance, you're better off staying away from overly decorative and script style fonts. Instead, choose a block letter (or block style font, like on Peter's boat above) that can be read in a glimpse.
  • Size: The size of your rego's depends on which state's waters you call home. Each state has a legal minimum height that your rego numbers need to comply with. Check with your local department of transport to find out what size you need. Of course you can always go bigger if you wish.
  • Color: Using a contrasting color to your boat's hull is essential! No one is going to be able to read rego's that are just one shade darker, but also keep an eye out for contrasting colors in brighter shades. They don't always go well together, even if they are contrasting. For example, if you have a bright green boat, bright red will be hard to read even though they can be found on opposite sides of a color wheel. In our online design tool, you can select your boat color to make sure your chosen rego colors work well on the hull.
  • Repeating elements: The easiest way to make your rego numbers stand out for all the right reasons by complementing the rest of the boat is to take elements or accent colors and use them as an outline or shadow on your rego's (just like on Peter's boat above). You can easily do this yourself, using the online design tool. Another option is to use details of your graphics instead of an even color. For example, the scales of one of our StickyFish would make a great fill in a nice and wide block font (give us a call or shoot an email for more information on our Ocean Design Services and we could create something unique for your rego numbers). 

Good luck designing! Make sure to send us your beautiful end results or upload them straight onto our Facebook page, we always love to see Boat Names graphics in action. Got any questions still? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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