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At Boat Names Australia we understand that we can say all the good things we want about our "Easy to apply Boat Name Kits", but it probably still looks really intimidating to put Boat Graphics on your own boat. So a little bit of reinsurance from a fellow boat owner probably won't hurt.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the boat names.
We installed them over the weekend and I was amazed how easy it was. The
instructions made me very cautious, so I was a bit apprehensive about
messing it up, but it worked out perfectly. The second side of the boat only
took about 10 minutes all up as I knew how easy it was.

The quality and finish of the names is sensational and they look fabulous on the boat.




Easy to apply Boat Name Kits

Thank you for the photo Cy! We always love seeing end results of our Boat Name Kits. Crazy Horse looks really good!

Design and order your own Easy to apply Boat Name Kit here or contact us anytime for quotes and questions.

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