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Always good to hear back from happy customers who did an awesome job applying their own Easy to Apply Boat Name Kit.

 Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits

Hello Chris,

As with most projects that I do I get better the second time, Instructions were great, it was my jitterish fingers that caused me problems with the first decal, it still came up a treat, I had it down pat for the second one. I absolutely love your product, have told and shown many at my work the end result.

cheers Bryne 

Have you applied your own Boat Name Graphics and would like to show off your handiwork? Send us a photo and we'll feature your boat with her brand new graphics on our blog, or upload it yourself straight onto our Facebook page!

Good luck designing and applying your own Boat Name Kit and remember that if you need any help to have a look at our detailed Video Instructions and Tutorials.


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