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We love hearing back from happy Boat Names customers and seeing the Easy to Apply Boat Name Kits on the boat they belong to. When Dirk sent us a picture of his Esprit we were pretty excited to see how this simple and elegant Custom Boat Name Design turned out. A couple of weeks ago Dirk sent us a scanned sketch he made of what graphics he had envisioned for his boat and how he wanted it laid up. We translated this into a DIY Easy to Apply Boat Names Kit and this is the result:


easy to apply boat name kits testimonial 

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the graphics - it was even better than our first order 7 years ago! Your instructions were excellent. As requested, I attach photos of the installed graphics - it looks really good!

Cheers, Dirk


Do you have a sketch, rough layout, collage, photo, you name it that you would like to have translated into a workable design? Send it to us and we'll see what we can do to bring your envisioned Boat Name design to life.

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