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Selecting the name was almost as hard as building the boat, but then that is often the case. The boat itself was a 2 1/2 year project and the full story will be published in a future BOAT NAMES Australia newsletter.

Many multihull owners get silly with the use of "cat - whatever" or Tri-whatever" and initially I tried to avoid these options. The BOAT NAMES Australia website actually has excellent suggestions about finding a suitable name and this, along with numerous Internet searches were explored but nothing I found really appealed. Eventually, I went back to the Tri-combinations. I rather liked "Tria" a Greek word for three, but after playing with variations, the name "Triana" evolved. It seemed highly suitable to this lovely little craft.

BOATNAMES Design-on-line software was excellent, allowing variations in type fonts, colours and effects to be explored. However, Chris (Boatnames) willingly accepted my own font selection (Seabird italic)  that was not one of his standards, so I sent him the link to the font library.  The type colour was a no-brainer because one of his standard colours is "teal" which perfectly matches the hull paint. Chris advised on the drop shadow colour and the use of a white keyline - a perfect combination.

Production was prompt and efficient and the material, with excellent instructions was received within two days. The application itself was so simple it was amazing and this was due to all three colours being cut onto a single application sheet, meaning no chance of mis-alignment of the shadow with the main name, also no chance of getting blisters of bubbles between separate stickers. "Cutting" of the letters and images is also an important factor when producing the material. Their competiton usually just prints the material because it is a cheaper process but the cutting process means better image resolution and longer life, without making the application process more difficult,

In summary, I cannot thank BOATNAMES enough for their professional advice, quality and efficiency


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