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Boat Names Australia recently executed an onsite install of Boat Stripes in Kettering Tasmania on a Cruise Craft Executive 800.

Onsite Install Boat Stripes Kettering Tasmania 

 This 30 year old bay cruiser had the reminiscence of old boat stripes from the past 10 years, which let to uneven sun damage.

The sun slowly eats away the gelcoat of the boat, while Boat Stripes or other vinyl boat graphics will protect the gelcoat from this damage which ultimately results in colour difference once the old striping is removed. The best way to get rid of this is obviously to repaint, but if the paint still looks to be in reasonable condition and you would rather postpone this costly task until later, there is a way to cheat yourself out of it.

Applying new boat stripes can be used as a good method to mask old sun damage. Now you don't even need to stick to replicating the old boat striping, it would be extremely hard to cover up every bit of sun damage exactly even when sticking to a replica. Instead you can use a design that sits in the same general location. By having the contrast between the colour the boat stripes and the white (or any hull colour of choice) it will be very hard to see the bit of staining caused by sun damage around the new graphics, creating the illusion of an evenly coloured hull. As an added bonus, when leaving the boat outside in the sun the paint should start evening out within 3 month.

For this Cruise Craft Executive 800 Boat Names Australia created boat graphics mimicking the original default factory graphics, sending it back to its former glory (read more on restoring vintage graphics here), whilst using the method described above to cover up staining caused by sun damage.

If you have a boat in the Hobart – Kettering area, we'd be happy to drop by and give you on the spot advise on custom boat graphics, boat striping or covering up sun damage and have a professional install your graphics onsite. Or if you live on the mainland, give us a call for some advise over the phone.

For quotes or question on an onsite install of boat graphics, don't hesitate to contact Boat Names Australia!

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