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If you fancy owning a speedboat or hydroplane capable of up to 50 kph or a great skiboat, but lack the money to buy one fully finished, why not consider building one yourself? This not only gives great satisfaction but allows the cost to be spread over a year or more. You can start with just a few hundred dollars for the plans and ply for the frames and/or mould, then buy the rest of the materials as you earn the money.

Here are some great examples:

HARTLEY have sold plans for many decades. Their designs cover everthing from simple dinghies to offshore cruisers. Several speedboat designs are available, but on of the best in terms of simplicity and value is the Sprite 12. With a 30 HP outboard, this boat can do up to 50 knots. An inboard version is available.

ROBERT Q RILEY designs some fun machines. Better, more stable and faster than most PWCs this craft will do 40 kph powered by a short shaft outboard of up to 35 HP. The plans are a ridiculously low cost and the materials - 9 mm ply overlaid with glass cloth are highly affordable. Details at

CLASSIC DESIGNS many from the 1950s. Don't sneer at these old timers. Many are absolute head-turners and for builders with above average skills, image one finished in mahoghany. Her are a couple of examples from

WHISTLER strip planked and trailable suited for inboard or outboard engines


SKEETO. Ignore the "old fashioned picture and imagine this boat built in mahoghany ply. The "tumblehome" makes this aa truly classic design

So what are you waiting for? You can do it!


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