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To support the community that surrounds the Boat Names head office, we recently sponsored a Taroona community project that was right up our alley. With the help of dozens of volunteers, Taroona (a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania) took part as the 108th community to built a St Ayles Skiff.


The original St Ayles Skiff was designed in 2009 for the Scottish Fisheries Museum by Ian Oughtred to allow people to discover and enjoy coastal rowing as a recreation and compete against other skiff rowing communities in this social and friendly sport. Since then skiff rowing, which was already embraced by Scottish communities a long time ago, has increased popularity with coastal communities around the world and has now reached the waters of Hobart, thanks to the St Ayles Skiff Project.

The Taroona Coastal Rowing Pilot Project received a generous seed fund back in 2013 form the Kingborough Council Community, along with support from Taroona High School by lending them a workspace and numerous smaller funds from members of the community to make this dream project a reality.


Before launching the skiff at the beginning of November this year, naturally our community skiff needed a name. That's where we came in! Donating our time, materials and resources, Boat Names Australia made sure that “Chilton” wouldn't enter the water unnamed. With the use of our staple 3M marine grade vinyl, Chilton can be seen rowing around in Tasmanian waters gracing her brand new Boat Name Graphics.



Interested in building a St Ayles Skiff with your own community? Head over to the Taroona Skiff Project'swebsite to read their story and find out more.

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