How to apply Boat Stripes like an expert


  • Start by measuring down from a line on the boat that will be parallel to your boat stripe, place pencil marks using a soft pencil so that they are quite dark and easy to see. It's better to mark where the top of the line will go, that way the stripe & it's shadow don't get in the way of seeing the marks. If you are applying two stripes do the bottom one first. Place a mark every 2 paces with the first starting before the final starting point of your stripes.

  • Now apply masking tape trying to place it 1mm above these marks
    • If you are applying two stripes, use masking tape that is the same width as the gap you would like between the two colours
    • If you are only applying one stripe use 50mm wide tape as it stays straight easier.
    • If you are right handed always work from left to right.
  • Look down the masking with your face about the length of your forearm away from the surface, keep the tape firm so that it doesn't sag, but don't stretch it, you have to be pulling quite hard to do that. Keeping your eye on the marks and the edge of the tape simply bring them slowly together.
  • Push with a finger point at the closest mark to attach the tape just in that one spot.
  • Now move 2 paces down and do the same but this time as you're bringing the tape in to line up with the marks you have to keep an I on the previous section lining the new up with the old so there is no kink. remember to keep the tape firm.
  • Once you have reached the end go back to the beginning and just tap the masking tape on occasionally.
  • Now looking down it see if you can spot any high or low areas, if so mark them with an arrow to indicate the direction that they go in.


  • Now start to apply the stripe in the same way, counteracting the highs and lows.
  • For stripe wider than 75mm it's better to use the lightly soapy water, just spray it under the striping one section at a time, Remember not to get the backing wet, if you do remove it immediately.
  • When you get to the end DO NOT tap it down. Get the squeegee and push down firmly all the way along.


  • Remove the transfer tape and pop any bubbles using instructions below. If you are applying a second stripe leave the masking there.

  • Use the same method of application for the second stripe but place it above the masking this time (So you need to use masking tape that is the same width as the gap you would like)

  • Now place your arrow head on over the front so that it over laps. Trim the edges to the stripe width and you have finished.

  • To remove any bubbles see below.



Removing Bubbles


  • Finally, With hard pressure squeegee out any remaining water bubbles using a little soapy water to help the squeegee slip.
  • If bubbles are still visible, simply pop them with a needle at one end and press with the back of your fingernail gently.
  • Don't worry about small bubbles they should disappear in a week or two.


Again, Thank you for your purchase and feel free to contact us with any questions about applying to unusual surfaces or future needs you may have.

Boat Names Australia cannot be responsible for damage that might be done to the lettering while in use. This also applies to problems caused by failure to follow installation instructions properly. In this instance we are happy to replace the affected area at cost price. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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